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Saint John Oia - Private Pool Villas

Saint John Villas in Oia Santorini, two new luxury family owned villas with private pools, opened Oct 2020. The perfect spot to feel the Greek hospitality and indulgent relaxation, intimate moments, and pure summer enjoyment. In Santorini’s most beautiful village, the beautiful Oia, lies this elegant accommodation proposal for you to spend memorable moments of serenity and beauty. Saint John Villas immersed in the imposing volcanic landscape of Santorini, with stunning views to the Aegean Sea and sophisticated island character.

Designed for couples seeking the finest in holiday living, without compromising the scenic serenity and the modern comforts that elevate any stay to a priceless experience, Saint John Villas invite you to a stay that has it all; soothing tranquility, lavish comfort, attentive services and sunset colours all summer long from your private poolside! What more could you ask for?



Enjoy Summer Vacations in Oia, Santorini

The superb location of Saint John Villas offers stunning, unobstructed sea views and, during the summer months (May to August), views to the breath-taking sunset of Oia. Experience the spectacle of the sun setting that has made Santorini such a coveted destination in private, from your villa’s poolside, and you’ll be enchanted by the pure beauty of your amazing Santorini holiday.